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Titleist Performance Institute

Designed for golf teaching professionals, medical practitioners and fitness trainers, the TPI Certification program is an evidence based, educational pathway designed to teach industry professionals how to increase player performance through a deep understanding of how the body functions during the golf swing.¹

TPI Medical Certification gives medical professionals golf-specific injury assessment and rehabilitation techniques to get players back in the game. TPI has spent almost two decades studying one thing – the Body-Swing Connection™. There are injuries associated with the golf swing that few understand better than TPI. Medical Certification looks at how these injuries develop, how to access and treat injuries and how specific physical limitations can be addressed to improve performance.²

Core Physical Therapy offers a personalized TPI Core Golf Enhancement Evaluation for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

During the 90 minute evaluation and treatment, the physical therapist will assess potential alignment dysfunctions, muscle imbalances, and other physical limitations that may negatively affect your golf game. A 16 point functional movement screen will be performed to determine mobility, stability, core strength, and balance. The results of the screen have a direct correlation to 12 major swing characteristics that golfers demonstrate.

Treatment will consist of both manual interventions and functional exercises, focused on reducing pain as well as improving ability. A personalized home exercise program will be developed with the focus on improving flexibility, strength, balance, and overall performance.

After the evaluation, 60 minute TPI Core Golf Enhancement Follow-up visits will be scheduled according to your individual plan and goals. At every follow-up visit you will receive a reassessment of TPI’s 16 point functional movement screen along with an updated home exercise program. Continued manual interventions will also be performed to expedite the process of reducing pain and/or addressing muscle imbalances and mobility limitations in order to improve your golf game.

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