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“Tom has treated everyone in my family! His evaluation & treatment have been spot on in every case. He is extremely knowledgable, conscientious, and easy going.”

“My husband had rotator cuff surgery almost 15 years ago & didn’t have full mobility of it since then. Until he sought physical therapy with Tom. He’s back in the weight room & playing golf! He’s fixed up swimmer shoulders & back, frozen shoulder, ankle mobility issues, and tennis elbow. Highly recommend!”

“Tom has been treating me since my car accident. He is extremely knowledgable about the newest techniques and how to apply them to whatever the injury may be, listens to you, has compassion and his main focus is you and getting you out of pain.”

“I have experienced chronic neck and spine issues over the last 3 years as a result of my scoliosis. Adjustments have helped manage the pain, but I felt that something was missing from my care. My chiropractor introduced me to Tom and my first physical therapy session was incredible. My neck felt loose after 30 minutes and he gave me valuable stretches and exercises to do at home. I was in pain yesterday but after my PT session with Tom, I was pain free and felt like myself again. I am very reluctant to let “just anyone” work on my neck due to my scoliosis, but he has proven to be someone I can trust with my care.”

“I can’t say enough about how great Tom is. I’ve been to a number of physical therapists over the years and right away Tom stood out. He’s really professional and takes the time to explain exactly what’s happening and details out a plan. I had back and shoulder issues that Drs and other therapists were unable to help with. Tom listens and adapts the treatment plan as you progress. Highly recommend!”

“I saw Tom for my planter fasciitis (had for a while) and sciatic nerve (flared up two years ago and then again a few months ago.) He was highly recommended and within a few days I was feeling better with less pain. He was able to get me started on my daily walks again and begin a running program. Tom is a people person and generally cares how you are feeling and doing. Highly recommend.”

“Tom treated me for injuries I received as a result of a car accident. He is very knowledgeable, takes the time to listen and addresses each concern in a very professional and caring manner. I highly recommend choosing Tom as your physical therapist. You will be happy you did!”

“I have been seeing Tom for awhile with various injuries. With his help, knowledge and encouragement I am now able to receive monthly maintenance to keep me healthy. He has taught me numerous exercises to strengthen and to prevent injury. I am very grateful that I was able to find such a competent person and one who is supportive and kind as well. I wish him much luck with his new venture and I know he will be a great success.”

“I highly recommend Tom. He knew exactly how to treat the bursitis in my shoulder and my neck pain. I was in severe pain. So glad I found Tom. Within a week it was feeling better. Still going for treatment and feel better and better each time! He is personable, encouraging and explains things very well… he gives quality time, you are not rushed. Thank you for helping me!!”

“Our daughter had a gymnastics injury and Tom was recommended to us. First things first, Tom spoke to our daughter directly, asking about her injury, what makes it hurt, etc… He always made a point to address her first, and last, during our appointments. As for her treatments, Tom told us day one, “Dad, your daughter may be young, but I’m going to treat her like the athlete she is. Don’t worry, she can handle it.” And he was right. Not only did he push her to past her blocks, he got her dig deep and keep at it. We highly recommend Tom!”

“The office is beautiful and so welcoming. Both the front desk staff and Dr. Tom make you feel comfortable and well-cared for. I would recommend this PT practice to anyone!”

“I came to Core PT after suffering from plantar fasciitis for 6 months. He explained in detail what was going on and had me exercising and feeling better within weeks. I can not recommend him enough, I never felt rushed during my appointments and he will answer any questions you may have. So thankful for the care I’ve received.”

“Tom listens carefully and then explains the how and why of his specifically tailored treatments. I am 74 with 3 decades of chronic back pain and have still been able to maintain an active life style, thanks to Tom.”

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